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 What happened yesterday...My first blog!

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What happened yesterday...My first blog! Empty
PostWhat happened yesterday...My first blog!

Well NOW this is my first blog entry. Well in my life right now nothing exciting is really happening. Yesterday I went out to macaroni grill and went to see the movie Eclipse. Soon i will be going out to swim with some family, prolly stay late night and watch the weekly summer fireworks display. Very Happy

Bad things that have happened....uh..well lately Ive almost like totally lost my appetite, havent been eating normal. pale It sucks especially when we went out to eat I couldnt finish the food I wanted to finsh, or even the desert. I guess its better, my mom says its just normal growth slump appetite loss or its because i started losing my appetite around the end of school, and at that period in time I started to drink way too much pop. It could've been that. So I stoped drinking pop ad started eating normally to try to get in the groove of eating again.

off of that subject...the last thing that happedned was that I wasted 4 bucks on this machine trying to get a Ipod touch. I was so close it was driving Me NUTS!! well thats about all that happened yesterday, Peace out! What a Face
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What happened yesterday...My first blog!

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