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[align=center]BFC 3YA Blog[/align]
[align=center]“F200172853’s BFC History”[/align]
[align=center][s]Yes I know it’s too late. But I was thinking about submitting this for the 4YA Blog, but I decided I didn’t want to wait a whole year.[/s]
Took me about 2-3 hours to write this. But I felt like I should..
So much for 25 words.[/align][tip]Longest blog on the site?[/tip]

What is this? It’s a blog that describes a lot of things in F200’s past.
(BTW, I’m not going to mention some things, since they aren’t really important, and I want to get to the point)
Introduction: Hey guys. I’m F200172853 or ”Link_The_Unleashed_Hero”. I joined BFC on March 29, 2009.
How I got here…. : I never could get wifi connection on brawl. I was very upset because of that, because I wanted to brawl other people in the world. The reason is because my “[s]stepdad[/s]”(Who no longer lives here) didn’t know the WEP Key to the router. But after months, he found the document that contained the WEP Key in his condo. I was crazy excited, and I ran upstairs, and the connection test was successful. Later, after I figured out that I was given a friendcode. So I went all over the internet searching for “Brawl Friend Codes.” Eventually I just got to Google, and I found multiple websites, and I wrote some codes down. But later, I noticed a website called “BrawlFriendCodes.” I went and it looked awesome. The thing is, I need to register. So I made an account, and after I browsed the forum. I rushed to chat. Some mods I can re-call at the time were: JV469, Hash, and Dango. I said… “Who wants to brawl? I’m super good, and I’ve been playing since Nintendo 64.” Obviously, displaying a cocky attitude. No one would answer to me, and most got mad at me for spamming. I also was also called “Random Number Guy” by JV, and I was called that for a long time. That’s how I got Link_The_Unleashed_Hero(LTUH). I kept copy and pasting the same thing OVER, and OVER. Eventually, one person agreed to playing me. I forgot who…. but they said just do it to be “nice.” But back then, I had no idea that BFC is full of trolls, and they constantly mess around. The first person I ever brawled on wifi, was [user]Scabe[/user]. I kept telling him thank you, and he got online. I joined his game. Also… I played Link at the time, since Link was the first person I ever played. After playing Scabe, I was getting constantly dominated in Link dittos. I said he was amazing, and from that day I realized that there were so many amazing players, that I had NO Idea about.
Where my name is from:
Some People from Chat a while ago:
New to the Forum:


BFC User Videos:
History of R.G.B.W. Army:
Revan’s nickname:

Happy 3YA!:
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