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PostSubject: Lucaslover Blog   Lucaslover Blog EmptyWed Jun 30, 2010 10:55 pm

Listen to that while reading my blog.

Ok so alot has been on my mind lately.I recently got a Miku Hatsune plush doll and Ouran Key chain(i love these two things) which is something to be happy about right?Well I have no idea why but I have been feeling weird lately like a strange sensation has swept upon me.I'm not sick I know that for a fact but I don't know whats wrong with me.
Quote :
What's wrong? You have a gloomy face.
I have been getting comments like this all this week I cant even control how I feel anymore.Is this a stage of depression?I really don't know how to answer this or why it's happening.It would be helpful to find out the solution to this cause I hate feeling this way it just isn't healthy.Also,another thing to add to all this good stuff happening is I have been getting alot of nightmares also where I just wake up screaming.Despite the fact that I had alot of good fortune this week just makes me feel worse.Short blog I know but I felt as If I needed to discuss this and ask for any advice to why this is happening and such.
Finally I can write a blog..>_>
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Lucaslover Blog
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