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 My Falco Videos

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My Falco Videos Empty
PostSubject: My Falco Videos   My Falco Videos EmptySat Feb 05, 2011 2:02 pm

Gattling Combo

Information: Video going over the concept of Gattling Combo, how to use it, uses, and how to charge it.

Also, don't ask about how that TV got broken.

I would feel more comfortable if I did an audio tutorial on tinychat instead. <<;

BTW, since I'm horrible in front of a camera, it took 20+ takes to get this even at a good point...... not mentioning saying up smash twice. xD

Lol, just noticed how low quality this video got, after it was uploaded.

Videos soon to Come
-Another way to use Gattling Combo
-Short Illusion
-Edge Cancel Illusion
-Laser Video
-Battlefield tricks
-How to Perform a Boosted Pivot Grab
-Walking Chain Grab
-Walking Pivot Chain Grab
-Running Chain Grab
-Laser Lock
-Platform Laser Lock

(Any other things that will come to mind)
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My Falco Videos
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