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 Falco vs. MetaKnight

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Falco vs. MetaKnight Empty
PostSubject: Falco vs. MetaKnight   Falco vs. MetaKnight EmptySat Feb 05, 2011 2:00 pm

[size=xx-large]Credit goes to Smashboards[/size]

Falco Match-Up Discussion Topic#1: MetaKnight

Falco vs. MetaKnight BrawlMetaKnight

Statistics from [url=www.Smashboards.com:
Match-Up Videos:
All Falco Match-Ups:
Member Perspectives:
Future Match-Up Discussions:
Overall MU:
Falco vs. MetaKnight 2rolz77
Credit to Smashboards for Match-Up pictures

Alot of information is already covered up in this Match-Up.
Post if you would like to add anything to this.
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Falco vs. MetaKnight
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