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 Common Moveset

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PostSubject: Common Moveset   Common Moveset EmptySat Feb 05, 2011 1:58 pm


Common moves used: SDHL, Illusion, D-air, B-air, D-Throw(Chain Grab), Jab, occasional reflector.

SHDL- A very effective CAMPING game. Shoot them from a distance, and do some occasional back flips to single laser. Very effective ways are Laser to Up-Smash, or Laser to Gattling Combo. If you wanna get more technical, you can use Laser to BDACUS sometimes..

Use Laser to Short Hop Illusion often, for mind games, and traveling around.

D-Throw- Falco's most used throw. Use this to an Up-Smash, Gattling Combo, D-air, or use a pattern of them, to an offstage spike.

D-air- Best at low %, you can do a Dair to an Up-tilt. You can also use it at some higher %'s. You can lead a Dair and Up-tilt to a b-air. At higher &'s use D-air to B-air, and Up-air. The point when you're opponent flies really high because you hit them with a D-air, jump to them, and Up-air them for the kill. It's one of his best KO's imo. :3

Jab- One of Falco's best move sets to rack up damage on his opponents. Sometimes you can use reflector immediately after the jab, to make your opponent trip. Even better, if they roll into you, you can F-Smash them. : D

Spike- Very effective and legit KO move. The thing is... you have to land it on them. xD

Reflector can also be used for keeping space, against some MU's.

Falco vs. MetaKnight

Occasional- N-air should be used to hit you opponent multiple times when they are on platforms.

Rare- Laser Locks are extremely hard to land on smart players.

If you have any additional questions or want to know something about Falco, [PM]F200172823[/PM] me.

Falco Tutor Thread
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Common Moveset
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